Social Enterprise Boat Camp

Following the successfull first edition in 2016, the 2017 Social Entreprise Boatcamp (1st– 4th July 2017) will offer intensive working sessions on the creation and strengthening of enterprises that promote inclusive business models and redraw the economy of migration.




Europe is becoming every day a more and more plural and multifaceted continent. The management of migration is, for our continent, a big challenge, but, at the same time an opportunity to build new supportive communities, innovative models of economic development, in the spirit of a modern and real global citizenship.

The Mediterranean Sea is witnessing one of its most complex periods. In recent years, the sea became the theatre of human tragedies and shipwrecks and rejections. To this dreadful picture, we want to counter with the idea of Mare Nostrum inherited from our ancestors: a space of discovery, meeting, comparison and crossbreeding of cultures.

The 2017 Social Entreprise Boatcamp will be an ambitious journey of transformation, with disruptive innovators and social entrepreneurs who come from migrant and local communities, it will be a chance to celebrate talents, skills, dreams of both refugees and migrants in their host countries as well as in countries of origin and to create a shared value.

Goals & Tools



Along the route Civitavecchia – Barcelona, ​​the Social Enterprise Boat Camp will become an opportunity to draw and consolidate business initiatives with high social impact, in the belief that there are real opportunities to fuel the financial sustainability and, above all, the dignity, equality and justice. On board, selected and already tested in the market business models will be delivered. The case studies on enterprises will be selected from a representative sample of enterprises that are founded, managed or benefit from the contribution of residents and migrants and dealing with social problems related to migration flows.

Inspire and get inspired, enrich yourself
and share your talent, unleash your
potential and lead the change…


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