Thank You All!

Yesterday On my return journey from the EDD2016 in Brussels, I recollected dear images and memories from the Boat Camp.
Sparks of conversations around the beauty of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurs, with outstanding people who push the boundaries in their own organizations and try to make the SE's metrics a common language to everybody.
The momentum on SE is mounting and a growing number of institutional funders and multilateral organizations are increasingly looking towards a more social economy.
In Brussels I had the privilege to moderate a panel on the private sector engagement and I met Kibret, a social entrepreneur and the founder of Tebita, the first and only ambulance and first aid provider company in Ethiopia.
Kibret envisions a future where single drops of humanity can become an ocean, where all his fellows citizens in Ethiopia share his idea of a fairer world for all.
Kibret is a rebel, a disrupter, a truly change maker....with the gut to fight....
To support his social enterprise he had long fights with his wife, friends and he sold his house, promising his wife that one day he could buy her a new one....
He eventually did....and he also save many lives thanks to that initial intuition, sacrifice, perseverance and passion....
Kibret'passion runs in his veins.....and his dream is our dream.
We should never give up, we should make people believe in what we believe.
Thank you from my heart for your courage, your passion and your enthusiasm, it was your high spirit and smile that made our boat camp an enduring success.

Elena Casolari - CEO Fondazione Acra

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