Opes & Ashoka


Social Enterprise Boat Camp 2017

opes impact fund

Opes Impact fund (Opes Foundation) was launched in 2013 to spread the Social Impact Investing approach. Opes raises philanthropic capital and deploys it as investments in social enterprises capable to deliver relevant and long-lasting social impact through the adoption of financially sustainable business models. Opes investments focus on early stage enterprises, where the gap between needs and availability of investment capital is wider. In the first three years of activity, Opes has closed seven investments in India and East and sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania). In the coming years, it will gradually expand its geographical reach both in Italy and other emerging countries.

Ashoka is the world largest network of leading social entrepreneurs and innovators. Ashoka believes that the most effective way to solve current global problems is to identify those who have already found solutions and surround them with allies who can help make their ideas a replicable and adaptable model. The purpose of Ashoka is not only to maximize social impact but to create transversal alliances capable of changing entire systems. Since its creation 35 years ago, Ashoka has selected, connected and trained over 3300 social entrepreneurs in different sectors and parts of the world. Ashoka was rated by NGO Advisor as the fifth most influential NGO in the world for innovation and impact. It is active in Italy since 2014.


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